20ft long semi-circle rigid fins PVC blimp balloon可拆卸半圓形組合翅飛船氣球
15ft long RC helium blimp with gondola and speed controller and brushless motor大型搖控飛船包含吊艙設備與電子變速器和無刷馬達

15ft RC blimp


Item:SBRC-15 RC blimp
Size:15 feet Long
Volume:8 cubic meter
Usage:For flying indoor by remote control
Gas for lifting: Helium
Material:Envelop:PVC, Gondola:ABS
Flying time:half hour / one set of battery
Remote Controller & Receiver:2.4G
1)Strobe lights attached on gondola,
2) glue and PVC for repairing
3) dropping machine .

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